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    The status of courses in a school often changes, whether courses are added, deleted, or inactivated. You can add a course and assign all required course information in the Report Cards module.

    However, you should always contact Technical Support before deleting or inactivating a course, as these actions could cause errors in your transcript history.

    rediker admin plus

    To access a list of department codes, click Cust RCclick 6. Enter department namesand click Next. The Texts box can fit up to 12 characters, so if you require additional space for your text books, see the tip at the end of the topic.

    rediker admin plus

    All rights reserved. All Help. Add a Course The status of courses in a school often changes, whether courses are added, deleted, or inactivated.

    rediker admin plus

    Enter the Course NameDescriptionand Level. Enter the maximum number of students to be scheduled into this course in the Optimum Section Size box. Enter the number of credits assigned to this course in the Credits box. Enter the weight of the course in the Weight box. The weight of a course is usually equal to the number of credits. This applies to courses which aren't considered to be honors courses. Enter the number that will be added to a student's GPA if this is an honors course. Optional: Enter a course number to be linked to this course in the Course Link box.

    Enter any text books a student may need in the Texts box. Enter the cost of any books in the Cost box. The Cost box can fit up to 6 characters. Enter any course fees in the Fee box, and click Accept [F10].

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    The Fee box can contain up to 6 characters. If you require additional space for any of your fields, such as text books, click Ext. Enter any additional information, and click Done [F10]. Navigate Guide.As the use of technology in the classroom continues to grow, so does the importance of interoperability.

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    We provide an array of roster export utilities to improve how AdminPlus interfaces with other educational systems. These utilities benefit school administrators by reducing the amount of time they spend on manual data entry, allowing them to focus on administrative tasks.

    In this release, we updated our existing roster exports Apple School Manager, Clever, Microsoft SDS, and MAP Assessment Reports to the latest file layouts while adding easy access to the files and logs generated by those export utilities. We also introduced an export utility for OneRoster, which is being accepted by more and more educational systems and is fast becoming the industry standard.

    Download Update. It is gaining widespread acceptance as a data interchange format for roster information. ClassLink and many other LMS publishing vendors accept this format.

    OneRoster Export Setup Overview. We updated every AdminPlus roster export utility to improve the experience for both hosted and non-hosted schools. General updates to all export utilities include the following:.

    Roster exports are a bulk export to be done as needed. Most schools will not need to schedule a nightly export. Instead, you should use the Send Data Now option after making roster changes. Clever Export Setup Overview. Previously, the Absences total only included full absences, making it difficult to compare to transcript totals. Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Release Date December 6, As the use of technology in the classroom continues to grow, so does the importance of interoperability.

    Improvements Updated Roster Export Utilities Removed export service settings from the General Specifications tab, added the View Files button, improved the View Log button, added last successful export time and date to the specifications, and updated the interface to highlight required fields.

    Previously, the Formal Name field was limited to 25 characters.


    If your school is not hosted, you can download the update from our Application Downloads page: Download Update. Yes No Send feedback Sorry we couldn't be helpful. Help us improve this article with your feedback.

    Removed export service settings from the General Specifications tab, added the View Files button, improved the View Log button, added last successful export time and date to the specifications, and updated the interface to highlight required fields. Updated mapping for Course Number and Course Name. Students' full names display in the Formal Name field. No Reqs now provides the current list of students with no requests. Grade verification emails will include the HTML in the body of the email.Our partnership with Microsoft Azure provides a secure, scalable solution for product development and deployment.

    Timely and accurate data benefits the students by allowing staff and parents to be more involved and engaged in their education. Rediker Software offers an integrated school information system that provides a unified software solution for record keeping throughout the school. Eliminate the frustration of disconnected departmental software programs and let our integrated School Office Suite create one flexible, unified system to manage your entire school's record keeping.

    Learn More.

    Administrator's Plus

    Is your school looking for powerful, yet easy-to-use school fundraising and donor management software? Rediker Software offers Sustaina fundraising and development software, as part of our School Office Integrations.

    Utilizing the latest in web-based technology, Atriuum offers school districts an affordable library automation solution with support for a variety of electronic resources, social networks, and RSS feeds. Like mixing different products? Rediker Software offers many integration opportunities with these leading education providers.

    Don't see your product here? Talk to us about integration options. Clever is a simple way for schools to keep their learning software automatically in sync with the rosters in Administrator's Plus. When a school signs up for Clever, they can securely sync enrollment data from Administrator's Plus with all the applications they use. Schools can set up a single roster sync, and this integration can be done automatically.

    School administrators maintain complete control over what data is shared with each application partner. Clever can save schools - especially teachers and support staff - hundreds of hours of data entry that wastes instructional time. Rediker Software's Administrator's Plus integration with Finalsite allows you to connect the best student information system with one of the leading website providers.

    As a result, data flows seamlessly between both solutions, ensuring data is never entered twice. QuikLunch Cafeteria Software is a point-of-sale application that is designed to streamline school cafeteria services. From everyday full-service meals to bulk classroom sales, and even system-wide updates and reporting, QuikLunch makes it easy to process and maintain all cafeteria data transactions.

    The program provides a complete clinical picture for each student and streamlines clinical documentation. We work directly with these companies to offer schools a simple solution to collecting tuition payments efficiently. Administrator's Plus comes with a built-in export utility which helps schools prepare student, staff and class data for Apple School Manager. OneNote Class Notebooks have a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.

    Share class roster data out to your school's various Office apps via School Data Sync. Microsoft Azure enables companies to connect web and mobile applications to an existing IT environment. Microsoft Azure provides Rediker and its school communities with a cloud platform that is secure, scalable and cost-effective.PlusPortals Manager is an administrative interface that enables administrators to manage and customize their school's teacher, parent, and student portals.

    The seamless integration PlusPortals has with AdminPlus and TeacherPlus Gradebook makes it easy to set up user accounts and for information to be exchanged between the programs, such as demographics, class progress, disciplinary incidents, and class schedules.

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    This guide is meant to help your school's PlusPortals administrator set up the teacher, parent, and student portals. Using the Admin account, you'll learn how to set up user accounts; customize the appearance of the portals; configure permissions; send e-mails, portal messages, and announcements; create events; create user groups and give specific staff access to the portal pages of the users in the group; and more.

    This guide isn't meant for teachers, parents, or students. For more information on using the teacher portal, please refer to the PlusPortals Teacher User Guide. Parents and students who want to learn how to use the portals should check out our ParentPlus Interactive Guides and videos. All rights reserved.

    All Help. PlusPortals Manager User Guide. Navigate Guide.The Report Cards module gives your school the ability to create grading symbols, manage courses and reports, and import grades from various programs outside of AdminPlus. Accelerate the process of generating GPAs, class rank and honor rolls, and recognize students for their achievements by printing these accolades on report cards using this module.

    You can add a course, create and customize course skills, and assign those skills to any desired courses in AdminPlus. You can also manage report card columns according to your preferences, calculate averages, generate transcripts, and transfer report cards from one year to the next.

    Report cards, grades, and transcripts are some of the most important components of a child's academic record, and this guide shows you how to properly manage students' academic information in AdminPlus.

    All rights reserved. All Help. AdminPlus Report Cards Overview The Report Cards module gives your school the ability to create grading symbols, manage courses and reports, and import grades from various programs outside of AdminPlus. Navigate Guide.Learn more about Rediker Software's school management solutions.

    Fill in the fields below and a dedicated Rediker Software representative will get in contact with you. Your school is a hub for your entire community. Our integrated solutions provide you with a school management system designed to improve and connect departments, faculty, and staff.

    Learn how we help your school. Our software solutions keep your students and their families informed and involved. Deliver homework, media, and report cards and receive applications, payments and forms. See how we connect you with students and families.

    Your school is a focal point for your community. Our solutions help you stay in touch by providing responsive websites, fundraising and contact management.

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    Learn how we keep you connected with the community. Rediker Software provides technology solutions for PK public, private, catholic, charter, and international schools. Our student management software offers many advantages, including interoperability, school-to-home communication, mobile access, and real-time reporting. From online inquiries and applications, to managing student and staff data, to connecting with students and families via web and mobile, Rediker's student management software can transform your school.

    Rediker Software is a leader in school management software for PK public, private, catholic and charter schools. We work with both single schools and entire districts and dioceses. Our very first partner school in was a Catholic school in Massachusetts and they still use AdminPlus to this day!

    We provide educational technology to International Schools in more than countries around the world. Find out more about our unique software solutions for PK International Schools.

    Our integrated school management system is easy to use, but when you need technical support we are here for you.Easily search and scroll through all students, staff and contacts to quickly call, text or email.

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    Access student demographic fields such as allergy information and locker combinations. See when a student is absent or tardy. Know what class a student is supposed to be in at any given time.

    Assess how a student is performing in school by viewing his or her grades. Enter new discipline incidents and attach a photo taken from your iOS device to the incident. Secure log in, user permission rights and remote erase access ensure your student information is safe even if a mobile device is lost or stolen. Student Database: Choose any of the Administrator's Plus database fields to view in the AP Mobile App, including contact database fields and alert fields.

    Attach a photo taken with your mobile device to the incident. Track bullies and victims to run reports that comply with anti-bullying mandates. Schedules: View student schedules in line format.

    As an especially useful security feature, the mobile app automatically highlights the class the student should be in during the current period. View grades, skills, narratives and GPA information.

    Finally an app that allows traditional school administration to be current with technology! This app is now an indispensable tool for any administrator running Admin Plus in their school.

    The most valuable part of this app is now being able to send out Notify messages right from your phone. We are new customers to Rediker and using several of their modules. The mobile app was quick and easy to set up thanks to their great trainer! Love the different levels of security so we can use the app for lunch duty, field trips, after school care, and more. Very easy to navigate! Requires iOS 8.

    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Easily search and scroll through all students, staff and contacts to quickly call, text or email. Apr 7, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Rediker Software, Inc.

    Size Category Education. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Languages English. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. National Catholic Ed. NAIS Events.


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