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    MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Score: 7. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Future Drama 46 titles 6 loves. Best High School Dramas. Best Fantasy Titles. Best School Titles. Hottest Airing Dramas. Most Popular Action Dramas. Top Cross-Dressing. Most Popular Bromances. Hottest Upcoming Dramas. Edit this Page Edit Information. Mother of Mine Episode 1 8.

    Mi Sun is busy every morning taking care of her husband and daughter. She has to go to work early, so Sun Ja comes to her home to help her. Mi Ri is a feisty woman who is competent… read more. Mother of Mine Episode 2 9. Mother of Mine Episode 3 9. Also, Mi Ri meets In Suk in the meeting. In Suk seems to be glad to meet Mi Ri because she is a competent businesswoman, but Mi… read more.

    Mother of Mine Episode 4 9. Mother of Mine Episode 5 9. Mi Sun makes a scene in front of her parents-in-law and takes Da Bin to the hospital. Mother of Mine Episode 6 9. Woo Jin goes to the charnel house and sees Mi Hye crying. Mi Hye runs into Jae Bum who became a famous writer at a bookstore.

    mother of mine kdrama wikipedia

    Mother of Mine Episode 7 0. Mi Ok calls… read more. Mother of Mine Episode 8 0. Mi Sun gets home drunk after the company dinner. Mother of Mine Episode 9 0.The song was an instant hit with the British public and was released commercially by Decca Records shortly after his win, and went to number two on the UK Singles Chartparticularly following a performance of the song on Top of the Pops.

    The "Mother of Mine" record sold overcopies in the United Kingdomand over 2. The song also appeared on his self-titled album Neil Reidreaching number 1 on the UK Albums Chartand thus making Reid the holder of the title of the youngest person to reach number one on that chart. Reid followed up the single "Mother of Mine" by "That's What I Want To Be" three months later, but that song peaked at number 45, [6] and Reid quickly faded from national prominence to performing on the Northern England Working men's club circuit.

    Two years after winning Opportunity Knocks, Reid's voice broke and as a result he gave up professional singing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    The song was also included on his album Killer Joe. BFI Database. Archived from the original on Retrieved Scottish Daily Record. October 8, The Book of Golden Discs 2nd ed. London: Barrie and Jenkins Ltd. London: Guinness World Records Limited.

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    Categories : singles. Hidden categories: Articles with hAudio microformats. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.You're reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler freedismiss.

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    Hong Jong Hyun Kisses Kim So Yeon [Mother of Mine Ep 24]

    Old message board.This drama is about a story of a mother and three daughters living in modern day Korean society. The drama conveys a message about the low fertility rate, divorce rate, and the problems of the younger generation who are avoiding marriage. Park Sun Ja Kim Hae Sook is an ordinary Korean mother who owns a small rice house, she has three daughters, a drunk husband, who resorts to alcohol, has a toxic mother-in-law and endless difficulties with money.

    But despite all the hardships, she does everything possible for the future of her children, so that they do not repeat her fate, and sends everyone to study at the university.

    Other Photo from Official Site. Official Site. Watch Online in Viki.

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    Im so excited to watch this drama…. Definitely not watching. Kang mi ri is a competent smart senior manager in her company. Her work abilities are widely acknowledged. Yet, in front of a man far younger than her and a total newbie at the office, she is reduced by KBS to an unsure single spinster worth nothing unless she gets hitched?!

    Kbs please stop propagating these archaic chauvinistic values on national tv no less?! You are so right! Also, the youngest daughter does nothing for this drama. I hope they drastically cut her role.

    Mother of Mine

    She is so annoying. To those who are heading down the path of the phasing out marriage banner. Of course it does call for that man to be secure in himself. Cant stand the youngest sister. I always fast forward too. Not sure if the writer meant to make the mom out to be a shallow woman or that she believes Clinton is the prime example that all women is to aspire to become. I always skipped her part too. Annoying to the max!

    I am so glad of getting more episodes. Absolutely love this drama. Yea, the youngest daughter is annoying cos the actress is over-acting. Aside from all that yelling, the drama is engaging. The synopsis is off! She also has no mother-in-law! Mi-Hye is definitely a screamer. But she is supposed to be immature. He has has the best role of them all.

    I could not believe the brother that YOLO was something everyone was saying these days. Drake coined the term! He is such a sweetheart!Watch ' Mother of Mine ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Park Sun Ja raised her three daughters by herself while running a small beep soup restaurant.

    First daughter Mi Sun is a working mom with a daughter. She is the busy one who struggles in between her work and the family.

    Mother of Mine (song)

    Second daughter Mi Ri cares for her mother. She is a confident and successful woman who is promising at work. However, she gets involved in a romantic relationship with a co-worker. Mi Hye, the youngest daughter, was a promising novelist. Her first novel was a great hit, but that is just a past glory. This drama is about a love-hate relationship between a mother and her daughters. Also, the three daughters represent different types of women who live this day.

    mother of mine kdrama wikipedia

    The story of them has the message of compassion and caring that will make you look back on your own family. Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Click here to learn more.

    TV Mother of Mine. Channel Manager. Manage Followers. About Park Sun Ja raised her three daughters by herself while running a small beep soup restaurant. Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Kim Hae Sook Main Cast.

    Korean drama “Mother of Mine” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

    Ki Tae Young Main Cast. Hong Jong Hyun Main Cast. Kim So Yeon Main Cast. See all. Cast - Mother of Mine. Yoo Sun Supporting Cast. Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast. Han Ki Woong Supporting Cast. Choi Myung Gil Supporting Cast. Nam Tae Boo Supporting Cast. Trailers 3. Share your review. Watch Now.Anyeonghaseyo Ms Kim, how are you? As I type, I hope this message reaches you.

    Your acting is brilliant. We hope to buy other dramas in which you act. You are a very talented and beautiful actress. Can we have your photo please? All the best in your career. But this time as a couple. They are really gorgeous couple…. Your act in IRIS is wonderful! I love the drama Iris. Your abilities are impressive to watch and you are a extremely attractive woman.

    Kim Soo Yun enjoy life and give thanks to the Lord for the talent given to you. Keep up the good work. I love your acting in IRIS. Keep up the good work!

    mother of mine kdrama wikipedia

    Ireally admirer her,I also has her picture in my file. I love Kim so yeon. Your stunning with short hair. I adore Kim So Yeon. Your acting is the best for me. Prosecutor Princess is my most fav drama of Looking forward for your next project. I watch your movie Change back inur the best. Before Sun-Hwa went back to North Korean, the feeling you shown is very touched, how you feel about him but he is already in love with Kim Tae Hee. Kim Tae-Hee, her mother is the Mr.

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    You should have done the role was done by Kim Tae-hee. It is not logical. We do not expect it. Kim So Yun is a really good one in trems of everything as look image figure legs … everything. Just add some weight. You looks too light.

    mother of mine kdrama wikipedia

    Eat some more, put some weight on. It will make you better. If you have a problem with eating habit, you will have to drink some pure vodka with dinner. But not too much just gramm of pure white vodka. No brandy, whisky please. We expect you next time main role only! Guys as Lee Byeong-Heon should be mad about you.She still runs the restaurant to this day and her three daughters are now all grown up. Sun Ja's first daughter Mi Sun is married and she has a daughter. Mi Sun is busy working and taking care of her family.

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    Second daughter Mi Ri cares about her mother a lot. She is confident in herself and good at her job. Mi Ri gets involved in a romantic relationship with her co-worker Tae Joo.

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    He is the youngest son of the family that owns the company. The youngest daughter is Mi Hye. She used to be a promising novelist, but she is not any more. She helps her mother at the restaurant. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

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