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    The Gear Page. Still no Kemper software editor Jun 30, 1. Messages: Would you pay for an official editor?

    Kemper Editor – First impressions

    AtomicBlaze likes this. Jun 30, 2. Messages: 4, The zillion page thread with no response on the Kemper forums shows that we all want it, but the official team have never acknowledged it. I don't know if we'll get one. Using a Helix is a breeze because of the editor. Would I pay? Sure, if it wasn't too expensive. Ridiculous that we would have to, tbh. Get on it Kemper! Jun 30, 3. Messages: 1, It's hard to compare the Kemper to the others because the front panel of the Kemper has 37 buttons, 10 LEDs, 16 knobs, the display, and the chicken knob.

    It was designed by a man who also designs synthesizers. The workflow on the device itself is primary in its design - just like a good analog synth would be. Digital synths like those from Roland or Yamaha have PC editors often because the onboard experience for editing is so poor.

    Funny the parallels to modelers here, no? That tactile response like an analog synth is obviously what Kemper was going for with the unit.

    My Kemper sits on the opposite side of the room from my PC - where my tube amps and guitars are hanging. When not gigging, my AX-8 sits next to my computer - because it really needs to be for editing. So I embrace how the Kemper is fundamentally different in philosophy.

    That said, it would sure be nice to be able to edit FX from the PC, and to be able to break down the signal chain's elements in a different visual metaphor that a software editor would provide. MixMinisterMikeJun 30, Jun 30, 4.

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    Breath held but turning purple haha! Seriously though I hear they have hired an outside firm to handle it. I believe when it come it will do great things. Dead-PanJun 30, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Apr 29, 1. Messages: At last a Kemper editor! Damian Greda from Poland has created an excellent, fully functional Kemper Profiler Editor, based on the excellent Ctrlr software platform.

    There are scripts to clean ToastME old settings. Please run it before first run or in case of any issues. This editor is just great. Video and manual coming up! Last edited: Jun 28, TijlApr 29, KenGtakmagicLordByron and 14 others like this. Apr 29, 2. IngolfApr 29, Apr 29, 3. Messages: 2, Yep, the first serious attempt getting a meaningful momentum. Go Damian! ViabcroceApr 29, Apr 29, 4. That nameEdmund Emil Kemper III born December 18, is an American serial killer and necrophile who murdered ten people, including his paternal grandparents and mother.

    Kemper was nicknamed the "Co-ed Killer" as most of his victims were female students at co-educational institutions. Born in California, Kemper had a disturbed upbringing. His parents divorced and he moved to Montana with his abusive mother as a child before returning to California, where he murdered his paternal grandparents when he was He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic by court psychiatrists and sentenced to the Atascadero State Hospital as a criminally insane juvenile.

    Released at the age of 21 after convincing psychiatrists he was rehabilitated, Kemper was regarded as non-threatening by his future victims. He targeted young female hitchhikers during his killing spree, luring them into his vehicle and driving them to secluded areas where he would murder them before taking their corpses back to his home to be decapitated, dismembered, and violated. Kemper then murdered his mother and one of her friends before turning himself in to the authorities.

    Found sane and guilty at his trial inKemper requested the death penalty for his crimes. Capital punishment was suspended in California at the time, and he instead received eight concurrent life sentences. Since then, he has been incarcerated in the California Medical Facility. Kemper has waived his right to a parole hearing several times and has said he is happy in prison. Weighing 13 pounds 5. Kemper had a dark fantasy life: he performed rituals with his younger sister's dolls that culminated in him removing their heads and hands, [13] and, on one occasion, when his elder sister, Susan Hughey Kemper —teased him and asked why he did not try to kiss his teacher, he replied: "If I kiss her, I'd have to kill her first.

    Kemper had a close relationship with his father and was devastated when his parents separated incausing him to be raised by Clarnell in Helena, Montana. He had a severely dysfunctional relationship with his mother, a neuroticdomineering alcoholic who would frequently belittle, humiliate, and abuse him. At the age of 14, Kemper ran away from home in an attempt to reconcile with his father in Van NuysCalifornia. Kemper stayed with his father for a short while until the elder Kemper sent him to live with his paternal grandparents, who lived on a ranch in the mountains of North Fork.

    Enraged, Kemper stormed off and retrieved a rifle that his grandfather had given him for hunting.

    Toast ME: Unoffical Kemper Editor

    He then re-entered the kitchen and then fatally shot his grandmother in the head before firing twice more into her back. When Kemper's grandfather, Edmund Emil Kemper b.

    Kemper then called the police and waited to be taken into custody.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Kemper Editor? Aug 5, 1.

    kemper editor

    Messages: 1, Does anyone make a Kemper Editor to program etc instead of just the Rig Manager? I know someone was working on one at some point Aug 6, 2. Messages: 2, Yep, there are a couple of alphas and betas on the Kemper forum.

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    Can't be more accurate, sorry. ViabcroceAug 6, Aug 6, 3. Messages: 7, I got the impression that the developer dropped the project, and assumed it was because he couldn't keep up with the MIDI spec changes from one firmware revision to the next.

    Aug 6, 4. Aug 6, 5. Messages: 4, JerEvilAug 6, Aug 6, 6. Messages: To be honest I don't get such a need for a KPA pc editor. For Axe FX is absolutely needed, that interface is an abomination but with the KPA I really love to "get physical", meaning that I find much better to tweak its physical interface than I could ever do with a pc application.

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    The most important controls are there at arm's length volume, gain, amp eq, activating fx, etc and all the deep editing too is very easily reachable. But I see the point of some studio guys with the rack version sitting meters away from their desk. LaimonAug 6, All future updates, links and info will be posted here. The editor has come a long way and with each itteration, Damian is adding new features and graphical updates.

    Downloads: see below. Install notes I have created a video in which I go through the installation procedure and how to hook up your Kemper by midi and how to configure the Toast ME software to enable bi-directional full SYSEX Midi communication between your computer and the Kemper Profiling Amp.

    Part 4: Updates v1. I'm onboard. Now we have a not so dangerous home. This forum is for me a kuriosum. Created by the manufacturer for the buyers of the product and not the other way around, right? Why is there such a fear of an administrator here? What are you afraid of?

    One must be careful in almost every thread not to slip on vaseline. Well, at the one hand it's not really afraidness and on the other hand rules are not really senseless.

    kemper editor

    Don't take me not to serious when I mentioned a safe place. It's all about "on topic" from what I perceive. No big deal really, this thread will be home for Toast ME. Sharry As you know from my post in the German forum I personally asked the company if they intend to create an editor.

    It is not a scandal that there is no official editor. The scandal is that the company refuses to answer this simple question. Well, maybe you have read the generell comment of C. Kemper in the other thread about this topic, where he explained why they do not answer to such requests or question for future extentions.

    But they take wishes seriosly. I can understand this and I can live with it. I'm glad - wouldn't really be enough reason for a hero's death. I really got a chuckle out of this, Harry. If I click the windows link, it takes me to the windows install file to download.

    Edmund Kemper

    Got it all up and working and already donated to the cause. I love this thing!!! I beg all of you to be adults and donate, this guy has put his hard work into this and deserves to be paid for it. Links are working now, thanks for the head's up. Kemper Profiler Forum Private forum Profiler related discussions.

    Latest News ToastME ver. KPA bug? Display Spoiler. This version contains mostly bug fixes. Please remember to make a backup before you use the software just in case New features: Added: Cab name in browser mode.

    There are scripts to clean ToastME old settings. Please run it before first run or in case of any issues. New features: Added Spring Reverb see image "1.For a better experience on Gearnews, we recommend JavaScript to be enabled.

    It looks like you may soon be able to buy the speaker from the Kabinet and install it in a standard cab. Kemper Rig Manager 3. This long-awaited feature is going to have a big impact on how people use their Profiler. Kemper Profiler Stage multi-FX modelling floorboard officially launched!

    kemper editor

    Will Profiler Stage shake up the floorboard FX market? We managed to grab the image before it was pulled, presumably at Kemper's behest. Is Kemper about to announce a new floorboard effect? And it looks like a whole lot of Profiler, in a floorboard format. Kemper Profiler OS 6. Available now via its website, the two reverbs are of the expansive "big studio machine-grade" variety, adding welcome new textures. Are tube amps out-dated? Don't write off tube amps just yet, we say Kemper Profiler OS 5.

    Kemper release Profiler OS 4. Kemper firmware update to v5. Kemper OS 4. But don't go to the Kemper website and expect more information, because as yet there is none If you continue surfing the site, you agree to the use of cookies.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Kemper Rig Manager 3. The editor is out!!! Dec 6, 1. Messages: 7, Finally the editor is out Last edited: Dec 6, Fat tone79averdeBossanova and 4 others like this.

    Dec 6, 2. Messages: 1, Is this If so, my prayers have been answered!!!!

    Still no Kemper software editor...

    Need to cancel my morning meetings and client calls!!!!! Sorry clients! Billinder33Dec 6, GaspJiveTurkey and jrjones like this. Dec 6, 3. Dec 6, 4. Messages: 6, Dec 6, 5. Edit: Scratch that Dec 6, 6.

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    Messages: 16, JiveTurkeyDec 6, Dec 6, 7. Sexy new splash screen! JiveTurkey and tjontheroad like this. Dec 6, 8.


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